Tips to Maximise Your Business For LinkedIn

Tips to Maximise Your Business For LinkedIn in 2018

Is your business on LinkedIn? With over 460 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest platform for professionals. The social network is a top choice for many businesses and a powerful marketing tool if used correctly. It can help drive qualified leads to your business, initiate brand awareness, and assist in building and maintaining relationships across a multitude of different parties. LinkedIn has a lot of potential, and if your company isn’t active, there can be opportunities going to waste.

Here are five tips you need to implement to maximise your profile and see results using LinkedIn this year.

1. Keep your Profile Professional

LinkedIn is a professional platform. The tone, language you use, and how you portray your business should be more professional and polished than other social platforms. While a funny meme posted on your Facebook page can see excellent engagement, it may not be appreciated on LinkedIn.

Keep your Profile Professional

Keep the content relevant to your company, industry, and customers. Don’t forget to update your profile when any changes occur, and it goes without saying, but make sure it is free of spelling and grammar mistakes!


2. Add a Logo and Cover Image

You never know who will land on your LinkedIn profile. Potential prospects, suppliers, and even current customers can all visit your profile to gain an insight into your company, products, or services. And with approximately 50% of LinkedIn users involved in the decision-making process for their respective companies, making your profile engaging is critical!

Add a Logo and Cover Image

Adding a cover image, in addition to your company logo can drastically change the look and feel of your page, boosting your credibility and ensuring you stand out. A logo that appears in a user’s search results looks much more professional than the stock-standard ‘grey’ LinkedIn background, and your visitors will notice! Companies that include a logo typically receive six times more traffic.


3. Speak to Your Audience

First impressions last, and more often than not, your company description will be the initial information that people read– so make sure it’s good!

Speak to Your Audience

You should include an engaging description that encompasses your business, highlights your personality, and speaks to your audience. An excellent way to stand out is by providing solutions to your customers’ problems in your description. By focusing on the benefits of your product or service, your copy can resonate and captivate anyone who visits. Make your description about your customers and how you can help them, and less about you.


4. Publish Valuable Content

LinkedIn is the top social network for distributing professional content. Approximately 94% of B2B marketers utilise the platform for content distribution, and it can be a great way to establish your company as a thought-leader in the industry while building credibility with your prospective customers. Seven out of ten professionals view LinkedIn content as a reliable and trustworthy source, so take the time to create and distribute high-quality content.

Publish Valuable Content

Valuable ‘how-to’ articles, industry insights, and innovative ideas can all contribute to building an engaged community while improving your brands’ presence at the same time. You can also utilise and share content from other leaders in your industry, although make it’s relevant to your audience.


5. Optimise for SEO

LinkedIn pages are SEO friendly. With billions of searches conducted every year, make sure your content is optimised to includes strong keywords as this can help you appear higher in web search results, in addition to platform-wide LinkedIn search pages.

Optimise for SEO

Conduct proper keyword research and identify relevant phrases to include in your copy. However, don’t overdo it. Too many keywords can impact the readability of the text. Plus, it won’t sound natural!


Build your Business With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent B2B platform to market your business. While it can take time to set up your company profile and finetune your strategy, it can deliver long-term benefits for your business.

Need a hand optimising your LinkedIn profile or scheduling your updates? Get in touch with our expert social media consultants and start building your audience today.


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Sertan Djelal is head of online at Five Geckos Digital Marketing. He has worked as an online marketing consultant and strategist for over 14 years, having held positions both in-house as well as agency side, working with a variety of businesses and brands, supporting them to improve their online presence, web visibility & SEO.

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