Small Business SEO – Why it is important?

Why Search Engine Optimisation – SEO, matters for small business?

SEO constitutes a large part of all online business and eCommerce. It’s a fierce world out in the interweb and competition is rife no matter what size of business or industry you may be in. SEO, and by that I actually mean ‘good’ SEO, gives your website and your business a fighting chance with your competition in the in the abyss of search engines filled with search bots and web spiders.

I’d love to start this by telling you all just how good our Small Business SEO services are blah blah, but before I get into that it’s probably best we give a quick overview on what SEO actually involves. SEO, short for search engine optimisation, relates to the process of placing your website or webpage in higher positions on search engines in an attempt to gain greater amounts of free traffic in an unpaid or organic manner.

Why SEO matters for small business

Search Engine Optimisation involves a number of actions that collective need substantial time and effort in both research and effective application. These ‘actions’ include keyword research, link building and individual page optimisation of web code.  It can be difficult to optimise your web pages and website for the search engines if you don’t really know what you are doing and it is possible to do more damage than good if SEO is not done properly – it is possible, after painstakingly spending months if not years rising in the ranks for a website or page to lose its high rank in seconds due to a misconfiguration! Such projects require the acquired expertise of SEO service providers such as Five Geckos.


The Benefits of SEO for your Small Business

Five Geckos, specialise in providing effective and reliable search engine optimisation services in addition to a fundamental and comprehensive level of service for search engine optimisation marketing. As a company, we provide a basic range of fixed price packages which are both affordable for small businesses and highly competitive.

The Benefits of SEO for your Small Business

From a simple website optimisation service to a full blown SEO & PPC marketing campaign, our results speak for themselves. While our broad range of SEO packages are enough to suit any client, Five Geckos can also create and develop personalised packages best suited for your small business’ specific needs.


How Five Geckos Meets the Needs of Small Business

Five Geckos are SEO specialists for start-up clients and small businesses. We use our acquired and collective levels of expertise to provide your business with the online presence it needs while ensuring that your website attains optimal levels of traffic, sales or other KPI, resulting in a healthy cash flow and income. Whether your goal is to market your business, build a professional and recognized brand (online and offline) or custom design your website or webpage, Five Geckos will meet your specific requirements and demands and can work with any budget limit or time restriction.

Website management, maintenance, development, SEO and Web Optimised Copy are becoming more and more essential as the relative number of clients and enterprises begin to develop their own prominent presence on the web. Five Geckos will always strive to explain our industry in a simple and comprehensible manner. Five Geckos will also advise you on what you can and probably should be doing to enhance your search engine rankings and overall web visibility as well as how to generate fresh and profitable leads from your site that will ultimately lead to sales. After all, what use is a website if no one can find it?


About the Author

Sertan Djelal is head of online at Five Geckos Digital Marketing. He has worked as an online marketing consultant and strategist for over 14 years, having held positions both in-house as well as agency side, working with a variety of businesses and brands, supporting them to improve their online presence, web visibility & SEO.

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