eCommerce Strategy Consultancy

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e-commerce : build a business, not a website… 

eCommerce strategy should be high on every organisation’s agenda whether new start-ups or established businesses however, eCommerce is extremely broad as every organisation has their own targets and objectives and each must have a tailored eCommerce strategy in order for it to be effective as one size does not fit all!

We hear many accounts of how an organisation tackled eCommerce and lost, yet despite this they keep investing more and more capital into an ever losing battle and wondering why it’s just not happening for them.

Our Philosophy…

We believe in building a business, not just a website. Many eCommerce consultants will try and sell an eCommerce strategy that purely consists of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and throw technical jargon around such as conversion rates, journeys and user experience, however this is only part of eCommerce strategy.

An effective eCommerce website should begin by understanding and defining the core business strategy, goals and metrics for the website, and then carefully crafting a website that is tailored to meet those specific site objectives.

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