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website copy-writing web-copy servicesWeb optimised copy-writing & content marketing is and should be part of every website’s general SEO strategy. The written word on a web page needs to be treated very differently than it’s printed form. This is especially the case if you need the page to be found on search engines!

Although website or webpage copywriting would be included within the scope of our web optimisation and SEO services,  many of our clients have asked Five Geckos to assist them with their web copy. Whether it is one page or an entire site which needs to be written (or re-written) we can help.

Why is good web copy important?

In order for a webpage to be found, it needs to come up in search engine results when searched for. The days of keyword stuffed meta tags are over and the search engines are smarter in the way they rank pages. They now look for content which is contextually relevant to the subject matter – it is pretty much like writing a reflective essay. Content needs to be a good read for both the reader and the search engines.

Original content is king…

In order for the major search engines to maintain the quality of their index, they filter out (penalise) sites with duplicate content. This penalty can effect both individual pages and entire websites. Therefore it is extremely important to have good, optimised original content.

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