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PPC for Small Business

Many small businesses try to tackle PPC (Pay-Per-Click advertising) but the vast majority either quit any PPC activity or waste substantial amounts of money trying to get it right. PPC campaigns can turn into a black hole if not done correctly generating very little revenue leading you to believe that it isn’t effective for your on-going business sales strategy.

ppc pay per click google adwords fitting piece by pieceIdeally we would all come up in the first few results in every search that is made and enjoy the generous volumes of qualified traffic received. In reality this just isn’t the case. Good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) takes time to yield results especially in competitive markets. Even when a a website ranks well for specific products or services, the second any business introduces something new it will be back at square one. This is just one scenario where PPC will help a small business in getting its new product(s) out there and driving sales. Pay-Per-Click advertising can be effective in many scenarios and can be used to both compliment and supplement any on-going sales or branding strategy. In it’s most simplest form, a PPC campaign can be used to drive sales for specific products or services and ideally should be run along side an on-going Small Business SEO campaign.

What sets us apart from most other agencies is our proven PPC Methodology which is both scalable, flexible and adaptable for various industry sectors. Even though we use dedicated PPC experts for each industry, we understand that business practices and goals vary from business to business and will always take the time to understand each business’ own way of working prior to building and starting any campaign.

We conduct vigorous research before starting any campaign. PPC should not be treated as a black hole but as an extension to any on-going initiatives (sales, branding, traffic generation etc). We will agree targets, KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and budget and every client will be provided regular reports to see just how their campaign is performing. Best performance on any PPC campaign can only be achieved with both party’s input which is why we will always schedule in meetings (generally quarterly) to discuss campaign performance. Any PPC campaign should be treated as an on-going constantly evolving entity and will be tweaked and updated as often as needed throughout each period, parallel to and in support of each business’ own on-going activities in order to maximise the client’s ROI.

Once we have started a PPC campaign, be assured that it will not just be left to its own devices. Every campaign will continue to be optimised in every way possible in order to further maximise your return. It is not uncommon for there to be a substantial increase in measured performance later on in the campaign when compared to the first month. In fact, if there isn’t then someone is most definitely doing something wrong!

We are confident that we can help businesses with our proven PPC methodolgy and have various packages available, whether you need a little help with your own campaigns or would like us to start one from scratch, we can and will accommodate your needs.

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