4 Reasons Why High-Quality Content Still Matters

4 Reasons Why High-quality Content Still Matters

Content is king when it comes to generating web traffic. Producing more content generally leads to a higher SEO score, more visitors, and increased sales.

Yet many companies overlook the power of high-quality content—content that’s fresh, original, informative and impactful. Rather than putting in the extra time and effort to create high-quality content, these websites are content (no pun intended) in sharing generic blog posts, laden with SEO keywords that act more like filler than anything remotely helpful.

That’s a big mistake.

High-quality content builds trust between your brand and your customers. If someone perceives you to be a knowledgeable authority in the industry with the ability to foresee the future, then it’s highly likely they’ll return to you for future advice. This not only adds another notch to your SEO marketing belt, but it tells search engines that you’re a reliable and informative source.

Do you need more proof that high-quality content is in your best interest? Let’s take a look at why high-quality content still matters.

1. Content plays a big role in your SEO rank

Any content is better than no content at all, which is why content is an important part of any online marketing strategy. However, it’s high-quality “cornerstone” content that makes the difference. While regular blogs and articles can eventually dwindle in SEO popularity, “cornerstone” content has a better chance of dominating the spotlight, even when competitors try to edge you out.

What makes “cornerstone” content stick? In general, it ensures the reader walks away with an answer to their problem. It usually provides a step-by-step guide that, when followed, will successfully alleviate a specific ailment.

2. Content converts visitors into customers

Although online content is generally a free commodity, high-quality content has a better chance of not only capturing the interest of your visitors but converting them into customers too. Once a bond is established between a reader and your brand, the likelihood that they’ll pursue the products and services you offer multiplies. Link high-quality solutions to the services you provide and you’ll create a valuable lead generating tool.

3. Content is often the first impression your brand makes

Do first impressions matter? You bet. The same logic applies to websites and brands, especially when human contact can’t be made. Your content needs to swiftly demonstrate that you’re a reliable, illuminating source of valuable information. By catering to your customers’ needs, you can strengthen your credibility while displaying your unique personality.

4. Content helps you understand your audience

Monitoring the analytics of your high-quality content can lead to valuable insights, such as the specific pain points your customers might be having. Content can also reveal a “user conversion path,” the typical trail a visitor will traverse on your website before adopting your service or making a purchase.

With this knowledge in hand, you can begin altering and adding new high-quality content that targets specific customer demographics—boosting sales.

Drive traffic with high-quality content

High-quality content captivates readers, solves tricky problems and provides invaluable information. It does so in a way that’s both insightful and inventive. The energy you expend on high-quality content will naturally build stronger relationships between your brand and your customers.

Content that provides valuable and easily digestible information will stick around longer than similar content that lacks substance. Prioritize answering questions and solving problems with your content and you’ll climb the search engine ranking ladder in no time.

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